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2023, no. 3-4


Zhogin I.L.

There are observations indicating a possible anomalous transparency of intergalactic space (filled with infrared background light) for extragalactic gamma-rays of very high energy (> 100 GeV). The anomaly is usually associated with effects of some new physics.
However, another explanation is possible as a manifestation relating to a cut-off of the zero-point vibration spectrum. It is assumed that this boundary \(U_{ZV}\) is isotropic in the reference frame, where the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation is isotropic, and an estimate is obtained: \(U_{ZV} \approx 7.4\) TeV. It is noted that the presence of a \(ZV\) boundary also leads to an increased beta decay time of accelerated particles with the Lorentz factor \(\gamma > 50 \) (in the CMB rest frame; in addition to the usual \(\gamma\tau^{(\beta)}\)).
It is widely believed that the \(ZV\)-spectrum continues up to the Planck energy (in natural units, the gravitational constant is related to the square of the Planck length). There is, however, a 5D variant of the Absolute Parallelism theory (AP), free from singularities of solutions, where a large characteristic length \(L\) appears, which determines the thickness of expanding spherical \(S^3\) shell (a cosmological solution as the longitudinal wave along the radius) in co-moving co-ordinates. Newtons Law \(\sim 1/r^2\) is replaced by \(1/r\) at distances exceeding \(L\), and the Planck length (a composite parameter) "arises" from \(L\) when switching to the conventional energy-momentum scale (where the energy of a photon is its angular frequency).
The theory features are briefly exposed description of 15 polarizations (degrees of freedom), the energymomentum tensor (in prolonged 4th order equations), topological charges and quasi-charges of localized field configurations.

Keywords: zero-point vibrations; extragalactic TeV photons; Plank length; Absolute Parallelism.

UDC: 53.01, 52.732, 530.12

PACS: 95.85.Pw, 11.90.-t, 04.50.Kd

DOI: 10.17238/issn2226-8812.2023.3-4.327-332

Please cite this article in English as:
Zhogin I.L. Extragalactic TeV Photons and the Zero-point Vibration Spectrum Limit. Space, Time and Fundamental Interactions, 2023, no. 3-4, pp. 327-332.