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2023, no. 3-4


Sedov S.Yu.

Models of conformal gravitation that contain Lagrangians, which are linear on scalar curvature and with nonminimal connection with the scalar field, are discussed in this report. Theory of Weyl-Dirac gravitation has been reported in detail. A new version of conformal Lagrangian with two scalar fields is proposed, in which the Weyl vector is replaced with the vector which is transformed as a Weyl vector, but is not contained in Weyl connection. Weyl integrable space is the space of such model. The problem of describing a conformal stage in the evolution of the Universe on the basis of Friedmann metrics is considered within Weyl-Dirac gravitation theory with nonminimum connection with the real scalar field. Conformal invariant solutions for the scale factor are presented. It is demonstrated that quantum corrections to the trace of energy-momentum tensor are partially compensated by gauging the Dirac function, which results in the Lagrangian of the General Relativity theory.

Keywords: conformal gravitation, Weyl-Dirac gravitation, conformal lagrangians, Weyl vector, cosmology.

UDC: 530.122, 524.83

PACS: 04.50.Kd, 98.80.-k

DOI: 10.17238/issn2226-8812.2023.3-4.277-289

Please cite this article in English as:
Sedov S.Yu. On Weyl-Dirac gravitation theory and its development. Space, Time and Fundamental Interactions, 2023, no. 3-4, pp. 277-289.