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2022, no. 4


Zhuravlev V.M.

A model of the dynamic equilibrium of stars and the evolution of their parameters is briefly presented. On the basis of the theory of self-similar pulsations of stars, a model of their magnetic field is constructed. The magnetic field is calculated in two variants of weak and strong magnetic fields. In the case of a weak magnetic field, the basic equations of the self-similar distribution and evolution of stars are used. In the case of a strong magnetic field, new equations for the evolution of stars and their oscillations are derived, which take into account the reverse effect of the magnetic field on the hydrodynamic fluxes of the plasma. The corresponding phase diagrams of the evolution of the stellar scale factor are presented.

Keywords: Dynamics of self-gravitating gas, pulsating stars, stellar polytropes, magnetic field.

UDC: 53.01+524+52-33+51-71

PACS: 04.40.-b, 04.20.Jb, 97.10.Ld

DOI: 10.17238/issn2226-8812.2022.4.13-30

Please cite this article in English as:
Zhuravlev V.M. The magnetic field of stars in dynamic equilibrium. Space, Time and Fundamental Interactions, 2022, no. 41, pp. 13-30.