Russian Physical Archive

In the process of preparing manuscript for publication, we faced with the problem of availability of many materials (including fundamental) in the field of gravity and relativity. This is especially true for the materials published in the past decade. Many publications of those years became real rarities, which are not always to be found in libraries despite the fact that many authors are actively working now.

Thus, we organized "Russian Physical Archive", hoping that materials will relate to fundamental physics in general sense.

Publishing a material in "Russian Physical Archive" requires the recommendation of a member of the editorial board.

Yu.G. Ignat'ev

"Mathematical Models of Theoretical Physics with Problem Solving Using CAS Maple. Second edition, revised and expanded" (in Russian)

Lections of school Gracos-16

Yu.G. Ignat'ev

"Classical Cosmology and Dark Energy" (in Russian)

Yu.G. Ignat'ev

"Mathematical and computer modeling of fundamental objects and phenomena in the system of computer mathematica Maple" (in Russian)

A.M. Baranov

"Light-like sources in the general theory of relativity" (in Russian)

Yu.G. Ignat'ev

"Relativistic kinetic theory of nonequilibrium processes in gravitational fields" (in Russian)

Yu.G. Ignat'ev

"Nonequilibrium universe: kinetic models of cosmological evolution" (in Russian)

.. Starobinsky

Lectures on the problems of the modern cosmology read by the actual member of the Russian Scientific Academy Alexey Alexandrovoch Starobinsky in the Kazan Federal University